Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep #2: Remove Your Makeup Every Night

Whether you’re an ambitious resolution-maker or just into making steady, feel-good goals, you know that keeping to them is half the battle.

Cheers to beauty resolutions that make all the difference—also happen to be beauty resolutions you can keep (BRYCK ) too.


01.12.16 - Resolution 2, Remove Makeup

How are we doing with the water intake so far, ladies and gents? Good, I hope, because we’re moving onto our second Beauty Resolution You Can Keep:

Resolution: Remove your makeup every night.

Sleeping in makeup is bad for you, period. Save yourself the dull skin and mascara-stained sheets and remove your makeup every night.

Seriously: Nothing will make a more noticeable difference to your skin than removing your makeup properly on a nightly basis. And by properly, we mean the whole she-bang: eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner. No skimping. No makeup wipes. (You deserve better than that.)

In a matter of days your skin will feel more refreshed. It’ll look brighter. Your makeup will apply better, your skincare will absorb and work better. It’s likely you’ll see your skin clear up, or feel less dry.

And with products these days geared towards longevity (24-hour wear eyeshadows, 16-hour liquid lipsticks, waterproof mascaras, anyone?), it’s more important than ever to find the makeup remover that works well—and jives with your skin.

Our personal office favorites? The Carnation Eye Makeup Remover Oil and Eye Makeup Remover Gel (Non-Oily). Both are gentle formulations great for all skin types and especially effective at removing heavy makeup; the difference in texture is a matter of personal preference. I’m partial to the former because I how easily it breaks down my waterproof mascara, but I love the latter for fixing mistakes during makeup application (its non-greasy formula lets you apply makeup straight away!).

Simply moisten a cotton pad or flannel with the eye makeup remover and press gently on the eyelids and lashes. Leave on (with eyes closed, of course) for a few seconds before wiping down in a downward direction. Repeat until the cotton/flannel comes up clean, then follow with cleanser and toner.

It takes an extra five minutes. But trust: it makes a world of a difference.

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