Product Spotlight: Rose Hips Nourishing Oil

WHO: Rose Hips Nourishing Oil

WHAT: Rose Hips Extract, Glycerin

WHY: It’s a beautiful, nourishing oil so lightweight it feels like water. Formulated with dry, flaky, sensitive skin in mind, our gentle Rose Hips Nourishing Oil is formulated with Rose Hips Extract (derived from Rose Hips Oil) and Glycerin. A natural source of Vitamin C, Rose Hips provides antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals in addition to skin-brightening benefits. Linoleic Acid, also found in the extract, is an omega-6 essential fatty acid necessary for the maintenance of healthy skin. (It’s also incredibly popular in skin care for sensitive skin given its ability to help promote cell turnover.) In our oil, it helps provide the skin with intense moisture to help soothe dry, flaky areas.

HOW TO USE: After cleansing and toning, apply two to three drops on your face and neck, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Be sure to follow with your favorite moisturizer or night cream. Use twice daily for best results.

Beauty Tip: Do as the professionals do. Upgrade your go-to moisture mask treatment to a luxurious and nourishing DIY mini-facial by applying a few drops of the Rose Hips Nourishing Oil beforehand.

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