Are There More People With Sensitive Skin Than Ever?

sensitized skin

Probably not. But there are more people with sensitized skin. Let me explain.

  • Sensitive skin is based on internal factors—things about yourself which make you more prone to sensitivity, such as having fair skin, allergies, and light eyes/hair.
  • Sensitized skin is caused by external factors such as diet, pollution, climate, stress, or smoking.
Before you go reaching for products meant for sensitive skin, consider the factors that may be irritated your skin. Are you eating a lot of sugar? Try to cut back if possible. Of course, issues like pollution and climate you don’t have as much control over! Because we love natural botanicals, we use a lot of Chamomile and Aloe on skin that is sensitive or sensitized. If you’re interested, a toner is a good place to incorporate some skin-soothing ingredients. For example, we’re always recommending our alcohol-free Aloe Vera Toner or Chamomile Cleansing Lotion.
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