Using Multiple Serums


You’ve heard of multi-masking (if not, learn about it here), but what about serums? Can you use multiple serums at the same time? Yes… sort of. Unlike many masks, serums don’t dry on your face, they absorb, so you won’t be using them at the same time, per se. However, you can incorporate multiple serums into your skin care regimen for the best possible results. Here’s how:


For maximum anti-aging, you should alternate nights between the Peptide Renewal Serum and Vitamin C Serum. Use the Peptide Renewal Serum during the day OR incorporate a third serum, such as Corrective Complex Emulsion, during your daytime routine.

Acne-prone skin is often treated with the Anti-Acne Serum at night and the Herbal Hydrating Serum during the day. If you’re working to prevent acne while fading acne marks, you might want to alternate nights between the Vitamin C Serum and Anti-Acne Serum. Your routine can be as specific and tailored for your skin as you’d like.

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