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The best of the good old ‘net this week, because there’s no such thing as too much beauty or too much reading. Grab a cup of green tea, snack on a bowl of homemade granola, and click away…

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Holy Granola. We all knew Karla could dress – but with these little healthy recipes popping up every few outfit posts, there’s no doubt this girl can cook, too.

11 Housewarming gifts you’ll want to snag for yourself, too. One of the MB ladies just sealed the deal on her new home, so here’s a sneak preview of just what we’ll be gifting her…

Fashion and beauty inspo from our favorite ‘90s movies. So the nineties are making a comeback, but we’ve always been bona fide nineties’ kids. (Or babies, if you’re looking at yours truly, Kim.)

My morning is not complete without this amazing face wash. It’s a “magic” cleanser, according to xoVain.

Kettle Belle. On the to-do list this weekend: this kettle bell series.

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