FIVE Common Skin Care Questions, Answered

What is this strange discoloration on my face? Have you ever gone to the beach or pool and then noticed—hours later—that your skin has odd dark patches? This affects women in particular due to pregnancy, birth control pills, or other hormonal issues, and can be very distressing. For others—both men and women—sun spots begin to crop up sometime in the thirties, an unpleasant reminder of tanning years past. Remember to protect your skin from the sun at all times and, if the damage is already done, use a whitening mask to help brighten up and minimize sun-related discoloration.

What’s the best way to exfoliate if I have acne? You probably already know that exfoliation is super-important, right? But knowing the best type of exfoliation for your skin is even more crucial. When it comes to exfoliation, lay off of scrubs if you have inflamed acne, and try a product with Glycolic Acid instead! (P.S. You can tweet this skin care tip by clicking on it!)

I have oily skin. Do I really need to moisturize? We talk about this a lot and for good reason: oily skin really does need moisturizer. Did you know? The very best way to combat oily skin is to moisturize! Without moisturizer, the skin produces even more oil, leading to more shine and, for some, more acne. Remember: people with oily skin need oil-free, light moisturizers that hydrate without being greasy. (Tweet this tip!)

Seriously, what is a serum? I get this question all the time. Here’s the answer: Serums are special because they are formulated with smaller molecules of concentrated ingredients—which makes it possible for them to penetrate the skin deeper and deliver more active ingredients than other skincare products. When we use these at night (when the skin is hard at work repairing itself), It’s possible to get the full benefit of the serum. (Tweet)

Why is my skin still dry? I’m always moisturizing! There are two answers to this question, and I’m willing to bet that every dry gal or guy falls into one of two categories. The first: If you’re not exfoliating, there’s no way for moisturizer to penetrate through layers of dead skin cells and be effective. The second: You’re using the wrong moisturizer for your skin type. Do you know your skin type? Discover it here, using this online skin analysis.

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