4 Skin Care Lies From TV And Movies

1. You can have perfect skin without any effort. Rom-com heroines are always going to bed without washing their faces and then magically waking up with a perfect face full of makeup. Don’t let this fool you or make you wonder why you don’t look so flawless all the time. It’s just movie magic! Behind the scenes, the actors are receiving excellent skin care.

skin care

Even Katherine Heigl has to wash her face.


2. Window cleaner clears up acne. Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Nia Vardalos’ new husband confesses that he cleared up his pre-wedding zit with some window cleaner. Maybe that was a joke? But let it be said: do NOT put harsh cleansers (especially ones with ammonia!) anywhere near your face or eyes.

skin care

It's only the fumes making them think that window cleaner can clear up zits!


3. Toothpaste clears up acne. Seriously, let’s stop putting weird stuff on our faces. Remember the 90s sitcom Mad About You? If not, it was a really cute show about the sweet romance between newly-married Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. She, of course, gets a zit the night before their wedding, and what does she use to try to clear it up? Toothpaste!*

skin care

Save the toothpaste for your teeth!


4. Only bad guys have troubled skin
Guys, this one really bothers me. We so often see movie villains with skin issues that it’s impossible to shake the idea that you’re somehow naturally ‘bad’ if you’re dealing with a difficult skin problem. Can we get rid of this idea for good? *Just an aside, but the characters in Mad About You were living in Union Square—a short cab ride up to our Midtown salon; Helen Hunt could have gotten the Drying Lotion and actually cleared up her zit!
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