8 Signs You're Obsessed With Skin Care

We’re a bit obsessed ourselves, so we’re certainly not judging. Here’s how to tell if you’re a serious skin care enthusiast!

But first... check out these skin care stashes!*


skin care

1. You’d totally drop your current career to become an esthetician… in a heartbeat! (I actually did this; read about it here!)

2. Your Instagram feed is composed mostly of pictures of your skin care products… and you’re not a beauty blogger.

3. You’d rather dump a perfectly decent guy than go to bed without washing your face. (This happened to me; read about it here)

4. You’re sure to re-purchase your favorite products before you run out. No need for #empties sadness in your house.

5. You own multiples of your ‘holy grail’ products just in case there’s some sort of apocalypse/world-ending event and, for some reason, you’re one of the very few survivors.

6. Your medicine cabinet has no medicine in it… or makeup… just your daily skin care products. (This doesn’t include the stash you have under the bathroom sink!)

7. You plan your meals based on foods that you know are good for your skin. Avocado, anyone? (Read more: The best foods for your skin)

8. You don’t think #5 is strange!

*Thanks to Instagram's @legllyblonde, @elizzamariia, @kimpaxinos, and @aubreylogan_skincarehaul.

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