Skin Care Essentials (The Six Products You Really Need To Have)

Whenever I’m creating a customized regimen for a MB client, I refer to a checklist I keep on my desk. This checklist has the six absolute bare-bones essentials for any skin care routine. Like the perfect Little Black Dress, blazer, black pumps, and sunglasses, having the basics means being able to put yourself together quickly and easily. In the end, making the effort to get the right basics means that you'll look better with a lot less effort. The same goes for skin care. Which skin care basics do you need? Here they are!


 Cleanser. I know—duh. I’m pretty sure that most of you at the very least have some form of facial cleanser in your medicine cabinet. Let’s be sure that you’re using the right one, though. For example, my skin is Combo/Oily, so I use MB’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel. A good friend of mine is Combo/Dry and Sensitive, so I recommended the Cream Soap. She’s noticed a major difference since switching over from the harsh brand of cleanser she had been using (and no, I’m not naming names here).


 Toner. It seems that a lot of people are still skeptical of toner. Let’s look at this from multiple perspectives. The first is that you aren’t always able to remove all makeup, dirt, and oil by cleansing. (This doesn’t mean that your cleanser hasn’t worked properly.) Secondly, toner ensures the skin’s pH balance hasn’t been disrupted by your tap water. Tap water can also deposit unwelcome residue on the skin. Finally, depending on which one you use, toner can moisturize, calm, disinfect, exfoliate, and treat various skin conditions. It’s all a matter of choosing the right one (sort of like the little black dress, huh?)


.  Moisturizer. Yes, even oily guys and gals need moisturizer. Think of your moisturizer as a true basic, and be sure to use one with an SPF during the day.


 Eye Cream. Mario Badescu once said: “Every man or woman over the age of twenty-one should apply an eye cream in the morning and in the evening, as part of the daily routine. There are no exceptions.” I’m not going to argue with Mario, are you?


 Exfoliant. Whatever you do, don’t neglect to exfoliate. In case you’re wondering, here’s what happens when you fail to exfoliate.


 Mask. Not only do you deserve a little time to pamper yourself, it’s also important to give extra love and attention to your most troubling skin conditions. Your mask is like that extra-special wardrobe essential—something that makes you look and feel amazing. You don’t need to put it on every day, though.


Once you’re set with essentials, you can start to accessorize. And by accessorize, we mean with special treatments such as a night cream, a serum, or an acne spot treatment (that last one might actually be a necessity). Which essentials is your 'skincare wardrobe' missing?

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