Skin Myth: Your Skin Gets “Used To” Skin Care Products

You may have heard that using a particular product or brand too long will make your skin “immune” to it, thereby eventually rendering that product ineffective.

This notion is bogus and here’s why: we all know that broccoli is a very nutritious vegetable. If you ate broccoli often, would your body get “immune” to it, to the point where you would not benefit from the nutrients the broccoli has to offer? Of course not. Vitamin C Serum> The same applies to quality skin care products. If you choose the right products that are suitable for your skin type, their efficacy won’t diminish or even decrease over time. It’s that simple. However, our skin does evolve from time to time; when that happens, we should adjust our skin care accordingly.

Consult with a skin care specialist (call us at 800.223.3728 or email at once in a while to have a skin specialist re-evaluate your regimen to determine if you need to make any adjustments due to changes in your skin or the weather.

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