10 Evening Skin Care Tips

1. Always cleanse before bed. We’re awake for at least 12 hours – just imagine all of the dirt, oil and buildup that we’ve accumulated throughout the day. Yes, you’re exhausted, but isn't your skin worth two minutes (at the very least)? Nightly cleansing is key in preventing blemishes and irritation.

2. Tone your skin before bed, too. You’re up, anyhow. What’s an extra minute to you when a beautiful, clear complexion is the only thing to gain (or lose, if you opt to hop straight into bed with nary care in the world). Toner removes any and all residue from the skin, leaving behind only healthy, happy skin.

3. Don’t skip your moisturizer. Doing so would be a skin sin (but I’m sure you all knew that). Nighttime is actually when your evening moisturizer or night cream will work most effectively; during this stage of rest, skin is most permeable. It’s essential you keep your complexion well-hydrated during those eight or so hours of beauty sleep. You’ll wake up with noticeably brighter, plumper skin. (Nightly eye cream is important, too!)

4. Treat your skin. Because your skin is most permeable as you’re dreaming away, there’s no better time to carpe diem and take advantage of the moment. Pick a moisturizer with more potent or concentrated ingredients than your daytime alternative or layer up with your favorite serum. This is your time to brighten, heal, rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin: let your products do the work.

5. Moisturize those lips. The key to a kissable pout is slathering your lips with lip balm and letting the product nourish overnight.

6. Drink more water. Try to skip the wine and spirits before bedtime, and reduce the amount of salty and sugary foods consumed in the late night – those are all culprits behind morning grogginess and puffiness. Instead, drink more water and you’ll wake up feeling all sorts of fresh and gorgeous.

7. Wash your pillowcases often. If you’re noticing congestion or are experiencing consistent breakouts, wash your pillowcases frequently.

8. Sleep with your head slightly elevated. Prop yourself up on two pillows. Not only will sleeping on your back help prevent signs of premature aging, but it’ll also help reduce fluid retention around the eyes.

9. Relax. Pick up a book or magazine instead of the usual late-night surf on the web or on TV. Not only do the glaring lights strain your eyes (often contributing to puffiness and darkness the next day), but they also toy with your inner circadian rhythm.

10. Get those Zzz’s. It isn’t called beauty sleep without reason: getting at least eight hours a night is not only crucial to your well-being, but to your skin’s health as well. Keep in mind that your skin is a direct reflection of how you’re treating your body: overtiring or over-stressing yourself can lead to breakouts, dullness and flare-ups. A good night’s rest means a brighter, healthier and happier complexion the next day.

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