Lines? Bumps? Dryness? We have Solutions

Having a solid skin care regimen that addresses your individual skin type is essential, but the road to happy skin may not end there. . .


“Wait, there’s more?” you ask. Yep, there sure is. Even with a gold star skin care regimen and meticulous habits, the occasional skin problem might pop up. We’re not talking the type of conundrum that rocks your world. If your skin decides to take a dive off the deep end you may need to consult an aesthetician, retail skin specialist, or in some cases a dermatologist, but that’s not today’s topic of discussion. Today, we’re talking about the little changes that you may notice day-to-day. The kind of situations where your skin looks fantastic except for that one. little. thing. This is precisely when a hero product can swoop in and save the day. These are some of my favorite solutions for skin that has gone just slightly awry.


wrinkles, fine lines, breakouts, blackhead solutions

Problem: bumps, breakouts, and clogged pores

Solution: Acne Facial Cleanser

Surprise! You don’t have to suffer from moderate or severe acne to benefit from this cleanser. If you are noticing small bumpy clogged pores or random minor breakouts, try adding Acne Facial Cleanser into the mix. You can use it daily or as a supplemental cleanser a few times a week to deep clean pores and ward off bumps.


Problem: blackheads

Solution: Silver Powder

Blackheads may very well be the most annoying skin problem. One of the questions we get most often is, “My skin is doing great but how do I get rid of these blackheads?” If blackheads are a very persistent problem, check out this post for tips on how to adjust your regimen. If you are just starting to notice a few of them crop up out of nowhere, try working Silver Powder into your weekly regimen. Simply use a dampened cotton round to press a bit of this super absorbent loose powder onto problem areas to absorb the pore-clogging impurities that have planted themselves in your precious pores.


Problem: dry, sensitive skin

Solution: Cucumber Cream Soap

People with dry skin tend to focus a lot on their moisturizers. This makes perfect sense since it is when you apply moisturizer to the skin that you feel the tight, uncomfortable feeling that comes with dry skin immediately subside. While we aren’t denying the importance of a rich, comforting cream, the way you cleanse dry skin is equally important. Cleansers that strip and further dehydrate parched skin will only throw off the skin’s balance even more than it already is. Try using a gentle cream-based cleanser like Cucumber Cream Soap to purify skin without depleting it.


Problem: dehydrated skin with fine lines

Solution: Cellufirm Drops

Sometimes a subtle shift in your skin’s appearance can be a thorn in your side. That nagging little thing you notice every time you lean in close and look in the mirror. If you suddenly notice slight dullness accompanied by a new crop of fine lines, don’t panic. Reach for a bottle of Cellufirm Drops instead. This lightweight serum is packed with ingredients that bind moisture to (aka plump) the skin and fine lines along with it. Apply a thin layer to face and eye area before moisturizer day and night for best results.


Problem: rough, dry hands

Solution: Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E

Hand cream for dry hands? Groundbreaking. I know, I know, but are you using it? At this very moment I am typing away in an office with a salon full of women with the softest, most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen one floor above me. Who are these women with hands as soft as kitten paws? Mario Badescu aestheticians, that’s who. Why are their hands so soft? Because they are constantly covered in anti-aging treatments, silky skin serums, and buttery creams rich in antioxidant oils and nourishing vitamins. Want your own set of kitten paws? Make sure to plant a hand cream next to every sink in your house, on your desk, in your car, and in your bag. Apply every single time you wash your hands (which should be often, it is still cold season, you know).

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