How to Differentiate Between Skin Type and Skin Condition

What’s the difference between my skin type and skin condition?

With all of the information there is to know about skincare, figuring out how to correctly categorize your skin can be confusing. Luckily, learning the difference between skin type and skin condition is easy!

Skin type: Refers to whether you have Oily, Dry, Normal, or Combination Skin. If you have combination skin, you are likely either more oily or dry; we call these types Combo-Oily and Combo-Dry. You have only one skin type. This determines the basic needs of your skincare. Consider your skin type the foundation of putting together your regimen.

Skin condition: Pertains to whether you have Sensitivity, Acne, Aging, Couperose, Sun Damage or other conditions. You can have any combination of skin conditions. Even pregnancy falls under this category. Many of these, like Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis, should be diagnosed by a doctor. The condition of your skin will also affect which products go into your regimen. There are endless combinations of skin type and skin conditions.

What’s yours?

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