What's YOUR Skin Type?

As a skin care expert, I get a lot of questions from friends about their skin. They often want to know why they’re having problems with their skin even though they’re putting in the effort to really take care of it.

Almost always, the answer is: they’re using the wrong products. I don’t mean to say that they’re using the wrong brand or type of product, but simply that they’re choosing skin care solutions that weren’t designed for their particular skin type. How do I know? Sometimes it’s obvious—if you’re a young person with oily skin and acne and you’re slathering on a night cream designed for women with dry, aging skin, it’s very likely that it’s going to make your breakouts worse. Sometimes we make innocent mistakes (using a granular exfoliant on skin with inflamed acne) because we don’t know any better or we’ve mistakenly been marketed the wrong type of product. Sometimes, we simply continue using the same products, year after year, even though our needs have changed. For example, at 32 years of age I’m far less oily than I was ten years ago; my skin care regimen reflects this. Some of you—and you know who you are—are product-promiscuous, attracted by the lure of every new product on the market, regardless of the skin type for which they were developed. (I confess, I’ve been that girl.) How are you choosing skin care products? Are you using stuff simply because it’s familiar or because it worked well for your sister or a close friend? Do the names of product sway your attention, or perhaps their packaging? We suggest that you turn to the experts to decide which products to use. My role as an esthetician allows me to help people decide which products are right for them every day. At Mario Badescu, you can always call us with questions (at 800.223.3728) or—even easier—take our online skin analysis. When you start using the right products, you’ll be amazed at the difference, not only in your skin but also in your lifestyle. You’ll be able to complete your skincare regimen quickly and easily, without worrying about what you’re skin’s going to look like—because you know it will look great!
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