How to Determine Skin Type

Assessing your skin type is necessary for creating an effective skin care regimen. It’s important to know where you fall in the spectrum of possibilities because skincare products are specifically designed to work for certain skin types. In particular, the entire Mario Badescu Skin Care line is designed so that every individual can use a totally customized regimen for their particular skin.

The following classification can be used as a quick reference. Once you know what to look for, determining complexion type is easy. The list below includes characteristics of the five major skin types. Scroll to the bottom for a link to our online skin type quiz.



  • Shiny, slick, often thick skin.
  • Absorbs powder readily and begs for more.
  • Large pores on the T-zone (forehead, nose and cheeks).
  • Oil-based moisturizers are not absorbed by the skin.



  • Dull, thin and flaky skin.
  • Quickly becomes chapped and parched.
  • Soaks up moisture and thirsts for more.
  • Pores may appear virtually invisible.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are more apparent.



  • Combination is skin is characterized as either combination-oily or combination-dry.
  • Having otherwise normal skin with an oily t-zone is characteristic of combo-oily skin.
  • Normal skin that sometimes experiences dryness is indicative of combo-dry skin.



  • Skin is naturally moisturized without looking too dry or oily.
  • Does not require additional oil control or hydration throughout the day.
  • Pores do not appear to be overly large or extremely small.


Remember to take a skin type test if you’re still unsure of how you fall into these categories. We believe in making skincare easy and effective, so we’ve created an online skin type quiz to determine your complexion type and make sure your skin is classified properly. It’s important to know how your skin functions to determine what’s best for it. If you’ve been using products that aren’t formulated for your skin’s needs, you could fall under the assumption that you have bad skin; however, once you begin a routine with the right products, the transformation may make you feel like you have been blessed with brand new skin!

What’s your skin type?

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