Skincare Through The Ages: Part II

Skincare wasn't always as we know it to be (Part I will have you both pleasantly surprised and appalled). Thank goodness for progress.

. . .

1700s – 1800s

Ah, the power of “sweat cleansing” and saunas. Milk baths for smoother and clearer skin become popular again - proof that history does indeed repeat...


1800s – 1850

The Industrial Revolution bred a practical breed who believed in cleansing the natural way (cosmetics were looked upon with disdain). They wanted egg yolks, honey, oatmeal and lemon in their regimens to solve any and all skincare woes.


1850 – 1900

Basic skincare is finally affordable and available for the masses. Happy cleansing to everyone!


Early 1900s

The rise of Hollywood meant the rise of beauty creams. Anti-aging, beautifying - you name it, you have it.

Did you know? The first modern-day spa was established in 1910.


1930s – 1940

People finally realize that soap was too harsh on the skin and better left for the rest of the body. Thus was the beginning of makeup-removing cold cream

Did you know? Sunscreen was invented in 1936.


1950s - TODAY

Scientific advances are applied to the use of natural ingredients to create products that help YOU achieve the most beautiful skin you deserve. Mario Badescu, a Romanian-born chemist and cosmetologist sets up shop in late 1960s Manhattan and begins creating his timeless skincare formulas. The rest, as they say, is all history...


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