A Very Berry Skin Care Medley

Strawberry shortcake, raspberry soufflé, blueberry cobbler, chocolate covered strawberries….ok, pardon my brief daydream of berry delights, but if you like eating berry anything as much as I do, wait until you indulge your skin with them! Bask yourself in berry goodness with these delicious MB treats for your skin:


strawberry mask

Strawberry Face Scrub

Exfoliate with a face scrub that is made with actual strawberry seeds to gently slough away dead skin cells. It will help prevent congestion and reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion. Team it up with our…


Strawberry Tonic Mask

This clay-based strawberry mask will help purify your skin, while soothing Balsam Peru helps reduce minor irritation. Oh, and not to mention, Strawberry Extract possesses mild antiseptic properties. Each time you use the mask and scrub, the yummy scent will take you up and away to strawberry heights of glory.


Raspberry Body Scrub

Why should your face get all the attention? Spoil your body with some berry lovin’ too with our Raspberry Body Scrub. Formulated with Red Raspberry Extract and Papaya Extract, your skin will feel smoother, look more resurfaced, and smell oh-so delish!


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