What’s In Your Skincare? Sulfur



What is it?

Sulfur is an age-old remedy; since ancient times, people around the world have soaked in sulfur hot springs to cure skin conditions and issues. Today, it is widely used in anti-acne products because of its keratolytic properties, meaning that Sulfur helps promote quicker shedding and exfoliation of pore-clogging buildup. Sulfur is also comedolytic, in which it helps dry out and exfoliate problem areas. Known as a mild antiseptic that helps reduce oil gland activity, it works to dry problem skin to help treat and prevent breakouts (without overdrying).


What it does

  • Promotes cell turnover by helping shed dead skin cells that clog pores and cause breakouts;

  • Helps dry and exfoliate away problem areas;

  • Prevents spread of acne-causing bacteria;

  • Inhibits pores from being blocked;

  • Helps reduce oiliness; and

  • Helps smooth uneven skin tone and texture.

We recommend: Drying Mask, Healing Cream, Special Cleansing Lotion C, Special Cucumber Lotion, Special Healing Powder


Why we love it

It’s gentle but effective. Unlike aggressive Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur won’t over-dry the skin and leave it parched (and further irritated). Instead, it takes away excess shine and helps reduce oil production. Over time, it helps heal existing breakouts and prevents future ones so that you’re left with a brighter, clearer, healthier and noticeably smoother complexion.


What you should know

At the end of the day, Sulfur is still a drying agent. Be sure to moisturize well after using any product containing Sulfur to soothe and rehydrate the skin.

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