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Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Indulge that special someone with a little surprise! Be it a stocking stuffer, a gift for the hostess, or just a spontaneous thank you, here are a few ideas for a bit of luxury, all wrapped up in a bow…

Give them individually, or pair them up for a duo or trio hand-picked by you – the possibilities are endless.

. . .

  • Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E. A best-seller of ours for years, available in a travel-friendly tube and a perfect-for-your-bedside-table jar. It’s a luxe and practical gift to give; winter hands need extra love and care!
  • Apricot Super Rich Body Lotion. It’s as luxurious as body lotions get – a beautifully feminine, delicately scented body lotion that provides intense moisture and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
  • Peptide Renewal Serum. Rich in powerful Peptides, this serum is the ultimate in skin care luxury. Save this special stocking stuffer for your Mom.
  • Summer Shine Body Lotion. Don’t let the name fool you. A bit of shimmer and glow is well-warranted year round, and in the spirit of holiday parties and photographing galore, an extra hint of radiant gleam is always a stunning touch!
  • Rosewater Facial Spray. A cult favorite that anyone on your list would be happy to receive, and for good reasons too. Instant refreshment for the face no matter when or where – there’s no doubt that whoever receives it won’t be able to leave the house without a bottle stashed in her handbag for a pick-me-up throughout the day.
  • Green Tea Facial Spray. Whoever gets this and the original rose-infused facial mist will be one very, very happy camper.
  • Orange Tonic Mask. Your giftee is bound to fall in love with its sweet scent and ability to refresh for a healthier, radiant complexion.
  • Calma Mask. All things calming in a jar – anyone who receives this soothing mask is guaranteed to be grateful indefinitely.
  • Herbal Hydrating Serum. A staff favorite lovingly referred to as dewiness in a bottle. It’s one of our most unique, versatile products perfect for almost all skin types to give the skin that youthful radiance we’re all always after.
  • Rose Hips Nourishing Oil. And yes, it’s as lush as the name sounds. A beautiful, lightweight facial oil that does wonders for dry skin types and feels like a dream with every application. The perfect, everyday luxury for that special someone!
  • Vitamin C Serum. The ultimate, luxury stocking stuffer (or anything else of the sort). A staff and celebrity favorite simply because it’s one of those products that do miracles for the skin. Brightens, tones, improves skin texture, brings out the radiance, etc. If you don’t gift it, at least buy it for yourself.

. . .

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

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