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the ULTIMATE FATHER'S DAY (or just-because) GIFT

He doesn’t need another striped tie. Or golfing glove. Or baseball cap, for that matter.

And while accumulating a comprehensive collection of these gifts from the heart makes for a fantastic hobby (for Dad), it’s always fun to spice things up a bit. Give him the gift he wouldn’t necessarily buy (or even think to!) for himself – the gift of skincare. After all, men’s skincare is too often overlooked and underplayed, and even in far more open-minded times, skincare is still “a woman’s thing.” But skin is skin, and it deserves proper care. If he won’t muster the incentive to buy a few things here or there, it’s all up to you.

If, however, Dad is reading this with the intention of undertaking a regimen (kudos!), these are our recommended essentials for every man’s starter skincare.

  • Pre-Shave Conditioner, $8-$24. It’s our most popular men’s product. The gel with soothing lavender softens hairs to allow for a closer shave with less irritation, redness, and razor burn. Apply on the bearded area after wetting skin, follow with your usual shaving cream, and shave as usual.

  • Shaving Cream, or, our Peppermint version for a little twist, $7-$20. It’s a matter of preference. Think classic and old-school with the Shaving Cream’s thick and super-rich formula (with calming lavender extracts), or simply cool – literally – with the lightweight, soothing Peppermint Shaving Cream. Take your pick.

  • After Shave Moisturizer, $15. To be used after shaving (as the name suggests) to restore moisture while providing soothing relief. Carnation Oil, Lavender extract and Algae extract nourish and hydrate the skin. Recommended for men with combination/dry/sensitive skin types.

  • Vitamin A & E Hydrating Balm, $25. This lightweight hydrating serum provides more hydration than our After Shave moisturizer; it has a great consistency formulated with Peanut Oil (an emollient high in Vitamin A) that helps moisturize and reduce irritation. Perfect under or in place of a moisturizer.

And since presentation is key - stuff it all in the our signature black, canvas Men’s Travel Bag to store shaving essentials, perfect to minimize clutter in the bathroom or to grab on the go. Simple, easy, stylish – and a far more attractive option to sharing Mom’s floral toiletries bag on vacations.

Or, make it easier. Gift him with The Executive Collection for Men ($77), our collection package focused on replenishing hydration & minimize the harsh effects of shaving, or our Men's Grooming Basics set, which targets all the basics of a daily regimen. All there, just a click away.

... Just don’t forget the card.

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