Toner: Essential or Excessive?

Of the many types of skin care products that make up a well-rounded regimen, the most controversial category by far, is toner. Do we need them? Let’s find out!


Doubters, naysayers, and conspiracy theorists alike have been warning the masses of the uselessness of toner and astringent for as long as I can remember. They have explained that this extra step is not only completely unnecessary but also a manipulative ploy by beauty pros to take up space in your medicine cabinet and lighten your wallet.

On the other hand, the pro crowd will tell you that toners help to balance the skin post-cleanse. They will talk to you about how they will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean while whisking away the traces of dirt and makeup that are inevitably left behind after you splash away your facial cleanser.

Now that that’s out there, I’d like to tell you the simple reason why I think that toner or astringent (or cleansing lotion as Mr. Badescu was partial to calling them) can be such a key, game-changing element to a skin care regimen: this step is a weightless way to deliver complexion-enhancing ingredients directly to your skin. Think of it as a cheat layer of skin care. Sweep it on and forget that it is even there. So, what does toner do, again? That depends on your individual skin care concerns.

Sensitive skin? Calm down with Aloe Vera Toner. This formula is coveted by MB devotees with dry and sensitive skin and is a refreshing but gentle way to prep for moisturizer. Feeling dull? Brighten up Glycolic Acid Toner. Glycolic Acid is known for its ability to dissolve the dead skin cells that sit at the surface of the skin and dim your glow. Oily? Refresh with Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. This ultra-refreshing formula will wipe away excess oil and leave skin cool and clean. Prone to breakouts? Clarify with Special Cleansing Lotion "C". Sulfur works to manage oil production and fight stubborn summertime breakouts.

Where do you weigh in on this issue?

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