Going Somewhere? Travel Skin Care Advice

I went on an extended trip to Madrid a few years ago and discovered that you really can have pretty skin no matter what. When it comes to any type of travel, it’s just a matter of advance planning and preparation.

Before we start talking about dry cabin air or unfamiliar climates, let’s ‘clear’ up one thing—there are very few of us who should travel without Drying Lotion. Unless you haven’t seen an acne breakout in, like, over a decade—or you’re one of the few people who have never had a pimple in your life—you can rest assured that travel will mess with your skin. Slipping the Drying Lotion into your luggage is basically a big ol’ pound of cure in exchange for a mere ounce of prevention. Now, let’s talk about air travel. Airplane cabins are notoriously dry—after all, the air you’re breathing during flight is taken from the surrounding atmosphere (in low-humidity high altitudes). For example, the air up 35,000 feet is usually at around 10% humidity, and there is no additional moisture pumped in to make it more comfortable or easy on the skin. Come prepared by moisturizing, either with a heavier moisturizer than usual or with a bit more of your usual product. If you’re flying during the day, it’s especially important to use a moisturizer that contains sun protection. You can get a sunburn on an airplane, too. Protect your lips and also make sure the eye area is moisturized with your favorite eye cream. You know that gross, kinda crusty feeling you get during and after a really long flight? We have a solution for that! First, go brush your teeth. Then, spray your face with a refreshing facial spray. Ours is the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. It’s hydrating, it smells lovely and (if you’re wearing makeup) it can be used to set makeup, too. Plus, it gives you the feeling of being new and clean. (Remember, you will need our sample size or a special travel size of any skin care products you bring on board an airplane. Check out Martha Stewart’s advice on packing toiletries.) What about the trip itself? If you’re changing climates you need to bring skin care products that are meant for your skin type and the climate of your locale. For example, if your skin is oily and you’re visiting the Dry Valley in Antarctica (where it hasn’t rained for nearly two million years) or the Atacama Desert in Chili (commonly known as the driest place in the world), it’s entirely possible that you don’t need all of your oil-absorbing cleansers and masks and moisturizers. Or you may need to use your usual mask less frequently or exfoliate more often. Your best bet is to speak with a skin care specialist about the little tweaks you can make in your regimen before you go anywhere. You can always call us at 800.223.3728. Also, don’t let jet lag destroy your skin. When I was in Spain, I followed the Madrilenos example and began going to dinner after ten p.m.… and was completely exhausted for the first few days. I purposely cut back on caffeine and alcohol consumption and committed myself to adjusting to the time change. Finally, be sure to keep your face protected from the sun and other elements. If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot more time outdoors on vacation than you do in your real life. Keep your face protected and it will thank you for years to come,

And wherever you’re going, take some Mario with you! Not sure where to go? Check out this Pinterest board, you'll never want to stay home again!

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