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My mom was born with dark under eye circles. She’s literally had them since she was a baby; there is no childhood photo of her that doesn’t include those dark rings. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my mom has always been really glamourous in the most carefree way imaginable. However, she is fanatical about eye creams and under-eye concealers. These are her only beauty obsessions. Personally, I think she’s beautiful in a Marion Cotillard-esque way, but she doesn’t seem to agree. If you have the same issue, here’s what you can do about dark under-eye circles:

  • Sleep Try to get a healthy amount of sleep every night. The number of hours needed varies from person-to-person, so discover how much shut-eye you need, and aim to get that much (no more or less!) every night.
  • Hydrate Keep your eye area properly hydrated in order to ensure a smooth canvas for under-eye cream. While some choose to embrace their dark under-eyes (and yes, they can be beautiful, too!), choosing to use concealer means that it’s absolutely essential that you keep the skin free of flakes and dryness with an appropriate eye cream. The Hyaluronic Eye Cream is our most popular (it’s also my favorite!).
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  • De-Puff Reduce eye puffiness with a cold compress OR keep your eye cream in the refrigerator. (Our Ceramide Eye Gel is often used this way.) Doing so constricts blood vessels and helps prevent fluid from building up in the tissues around the eyes.
  • Brighten Certain skin care ingredients—like Vitamin C—help brighten the skin. While most dark under-eye circles are caused by factors (like heredity and environmental factors) that can’t be changed with a topical product, keeping the skin tone bright and even can help illuminate the eye area. For example, our Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream and Ceramide Eye Gel both contain Rose Hips Oil, which is naturally high in Vitamin C.
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