QUIZ: What's Your Vacation Style?


When it comes to vacation, the options are endless. Depending on your preferences, you can find yourself strolling the grounds of ancient ruins, sinking into the plush cushion of a massage table, deep sea diving with dolphins or roughing it in the desert or an African safari. To determine your vacation style (and where you may want to go next) take our quiz! Once you're finished, visit us here to find out what to pack for your next vacation!

1. What's your approach to packing? a. The bigger the better (bath and beauty products, various accessories, changes of shoes and outfits, books, pillow and suitcase) b. Moderation is key (bath and/or beauty products, brush, toothpaste and suitcase) c. Only the basics (brush, toothpaste, sunscreen and backpack)

2. What do you use to store your essentials? a. Large suitcase(s) and/or carry-on b. Backpack and/or small suitcase c. Small bag for easy transport

3. Where do you like to vacation? a. Cruise boat, near the beach or at home b. Lake, lodge or camp ground c. Another city or country (off the beaten path)

4. Where do you like to stay? a. Hotel or resort b. Beach, lake house, tent or RV c. Host family

5. What are your favorite vacation activities? a. Relax, read, lay out, stay on resort b. Snorkeling, hunting, fishing, sailing, skiing, sky diving… the list goes on! c. Visiting a museum, chatting with locals and learning about art and history

6. How long do you typically stay on vacation? a. Seven to ten days b. Up to a month c. More than a month

7. How important is socializing while on vacation? a. Not completely necessary b. Great for group activities c. Very important for getting the full experience of a place

8. How likely are you to vacation at the same place next time? a. Likely; relaxation is key. b. Possibly; variety is great but a yearly tradition is possible. c. Unlikely; there are too many different places and people to see.


Mostly As: Leisurely Whether you’re a beach bum who loves to relax with a good book in hand or someone who loves to be pampered with a luxury cruise or spa, your leisurely nature keeps you close to home or on a relaxing cruise somewhere tropical. Frequently, you enjoy picking up new beauty products and tips while doing a little light vacation shopping.



Mostly Bs: Adventurous Camping, snorkeling, skiing, sailing, hiking, there’s nothing you like better than feeling the thrill from exploring your surroundings. You love to be challenged, and you thrive on the adrenaline rush. Happiest when you can explore an area and sign up for a variety of new experiences and activities, you can be found swimming with dolphins, hang gliding or skydiving.



Mostly Cs: Culturally-Immersed Your desire to learn about other people and their history and traditions drives you to visit museums and little-known villages where you can truly experience the place of your travels like one of the locals. You enjoy variety and take pride in researching and preparing for your travels. Often you return with a broadened vocabulary, more knowledge and many interesting photographs.



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