Wash Your Face Like An Aesthetician

wash your face

Have you ever had a facial? All that cleansing, facial massage, and steaming can feel really heavenly. After all, aestheticians are trained in massage and special cleansing techniques to make the experience as pleasant and effective as possible.


wash your face

Cleansing correctly can really make a difference. If you’re simply putting the cleanser on your skin and rinsing it off, you’re not really getting enough out of the product. 

Here’s one aesthetician’s secret for a really good cleanse:

Starting at your neck, begin by applying the cleanser in upward strokes, using the pads of your fingers (and being gentle). Move upward to your cheeks, still making upward strokes. Cleanse your chin by making small circles with your fingers, and be sure to cleanse this area thoroughly. Then, run your fingers several times outward along the skin above your mouth. With the pads of your ring finger, massage the sides of your nose in small circles, again cleansing carefully. Finish by cleansing your forehead in upward strokes. Rinse! This type of cleansing works well with our Enzyme Cleansing Gel, which glides on the skin during cleansing and is non-foaming. This is our most popular cleanser!

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