3 Mistakes You’re Making Every Time You Wash Your Face

wash your face

1. Rinsing with hot water

You’ll notice on all our cleansers’ labels that we advise rinsing with warm or tepid water. It’s for good reason, too: water that’s too hot can leave your skin’s outer barrier weak, stripped, and dry.

2. Not exfoliating regularly—or at all

In fact, it’s essential to getting rid of all that dulling and pore-clogging dead skin cell buildup. You want smooth, radiant skin, right?

Exfoliating is key.

3. Using a harsh cleanser

If it stings, burns, or dries you out—it’s working against your skin. Basically, trust your instincts: if something feels uncomfortable before, during, or after using it, it’s not meant for your skin type.

You want to cleanse—not strip your skin’s outer barrier and leave it dry and tight.

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