What To Pack: Your Vacation Style

Now that you know your vacation style (if you don’t, take our vacation style quiz!), it’s time to figure out what beauty essentials you need to pack for your next getaway.

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If you're Leisurely...

Vacation Style - Leisurely

You’re the cruise lover, spa frequenter and beach bum armed with a floppy hat, plush towel and summer novel du jour. You don’t over-pack; you simply prefer to be well prepared. Why pare down to the essentials when you can have it all? A little bit of glitz and glamour never hurt the soul – and what better time to indulge than when on vacation?

Space isn’t an issue when you have the Rebecca Minkoff Perfect Tote slung with utmost je ne sais quoi over your shoulder. Magazines, hand cream, a glamorous pair of tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses, a spare silk kaftan – you name it, you have it. What keeps it from turning into Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpet bag, however, is a little pouch in which you tuck away essentials like your Lip Wax SPF 15, ID for beach-bumming coladas and pretty pennies. There’s nothing sweeter than a reminder to Stay Beautiful every time you pull out that purse.

Getaway or not, you know that skincare is a necessity to keep your complexion in tip-top condition . You never leave without your Hyaluronic Eye Cream (it’s the ideal vacation eye cream that’s light enough for hot holidays, yet rich and lush enough for an effective hydrating treatment) and Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30 (it’s packed with antioxidant green tea to help protect your skin no matter where in the world you are). Since you want to look your best, the Super Collagen Mask always has a sound spot in your toiletries bag: it’s a luxurious treatment that refreshes, revives and helps tighten your complexion.

Chances are you’re taking full advantage of this beachside or cruise ship getaway by wearing all the summer dresses and bikinis possible, so the decadent Raspberry Body Scrub, Apricot Super Rich Body Lotion and Summer Shine Body Lotion are your go-to combo for keeping skin soft and glow-y all week long. And because no vacation is complete without the extras, you’ll pack Armour Beauty Dreaming lipgloss for a non-fussy, daytime pick-me-up and Barracuda for a unapologetically glamorous evening pout.


If you're Adventurous...

Vacation Style - Adventurous

You constantly crave and thrive on the adrenaline rush that comes with trying something new. Camping, snorkeling, skiing, sailing, hiking – you name it, you’ll have done it (or plan on doing it). An adventure-packed vacation getaway means you’ll only have room – and time – for the essentials.

The Seaweed Cleansing Soap is gentle enough for sensitive skin (or dry, aggravated skin from outdoor adventures) while Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30 helps keep skin hydrated. But for those whose getaways entail a little more extremities (whether it’s climate or the activities planned), the adventurous jet-setter needs a little extra punch in their vacation skincare regimen. The Ginseng Moist Cream keeps dry skin hydrated and balanced; the Protective Cream for Swimming helps protect against damaging chlorine or saltwater; and the Hydro-Emollient Cream helps hikers, mountain-climbers and frequent flyers alike from dehydrated skin. As for the rest of the body, the Formula 200 Body Lotion is ideal. It’s lightweight and non-greasy (meaning no interference with whatever hands-on activities you have lined up), but provides incredible, lasting hydration.

Of course you’ll want to keep your hands free; that’s why the Rebecca Minkoff Craig camera bag is the perfect cross-body for either stashing the essentials (like your lip balm) or for safely stowing your camera to document each adventure along the way. It’s equal parts utilitarian and functional as it is fashionable.


If you're Culturally-Immersed...

Young woman walking along the canal.

Learning is your endgame: waking up in new places, exploring local treasures and immersing yourself in different cultures is your vision of the perfect vacation. Packing, then, requires a bit of research to find out what types of skincare products you’ll need in that new environment. It’s all about keeping true to the basics and leaving just enough room in your toiletries bag for any new, foreign goodies to try once you return home.

The bronze Mini M.A.C. is every bit travel-chic as it is travel-friendly. It’s hands-free and just small enough for a lip balm, pen, mini Moleskine notebook and point-and-shoot. The antiqued gold leather is perfect wherever you are – it’s demure but just glamorous enough for Italy, and feels right with all the easy, breezy maxi dresses for Egypt. Tuck in an Armour Beauty gloss in a bright orange for nights out dancing. You never know where the next turn in the street could take you!

You could easily get away with packing a toiletries bag that’s just as minimal as your Mini M.A.C. The AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer provides lightweight moisture for a healthy, radiant complexion when exploring the streets of Barcelona, and the Rose Hips Nourishing Oil feels gorgeous on the skin (and perfectly lush for days spent in Morocco). Keep a tiny bottle of our Rosewater Facial Spray on hand (or in the bag, rather) for an instant pick-me-up wherever you are, and a full-sized version in the hotel mini fridge for a refreshing end-of-the-day spritz.

The luxe Raspberry Body Scrub makes for an incredible evening treat after a long day of exploration, and the Elbow & Heel Smoothing Cream helps restore tired, cracked feet after walking up and down cobblestone streets. Massage a generous amount of the Vitamin E Body Lotion and the light, sophisticated fragrance you’re left with will always remind you of your travels.

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Now that you know what to pack, where are you going?

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