Cold Weather And Winter Skin Care Woes

winter skin I spent my morning brushing snow off my car, bundled up from head-to-toe in layer upon layer of warm clothing. It was 17 degrees when I left home this morning, and I'm officially over winter weather. Even when it's not snowing, February (and March!) can be a little… blah sometimes, can’t they? You’re already tired of all your winter clothes, but you know you’re stuck with them for a few more months. For those of us in colder climates, it can sometimes just feel like a waiting game until the real event—spring and summer. Here’s what you can do to perk up your skin: try something new! Never used a serum before? Check out the Vitamin C Serum (it can even help you undo the sun damage/ hyperpigmentation you incurred last summer!). What’s a serum?> Or, try a mask. The Enzyme Revitalizing Mask is amazing for, well, revitalizing your skin, especially if it’s looking a little dry right now. If your skin’s a little oilier, the Flower & Tonic Mask might be just the thing to take you out of your winter blahs while perking up your skin’s appearance. Our top 5 winter skin care tips>
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