Would You Ever? Eating Clay For Better Skin

eating clay

Here’s an interesting trend. Some people are eating clay for better health (and better skin). Because clay has detoxifying properties, the idea is to use it to draw out anything negative within the body.

We haven't tried this trend, some swear by it but something about it makes us nervous. We'd probably ask a doctor before making a clay smoothie, and suggest you do the same. Don't misunderstand us, we are big advocates of the beautifying powers of clay here at Mario Badescu. In fact, we use it directly on our skin. It has the amazing ability to absorb unwanted oil from clogged pores, which is why we include Kaolin Clay in so many of our products for oilier or acne-prone skin types. If you’re interested in this natural oil-absorber, you might want to try the Flower & Tonic Mask, which is a mask we recommend to a lot of different people with varying levels of oily skin, combination/oily skin, and acne.

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