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How to care for your hands


The condition of your hands can be a dead giveaway of your age no matter how youthful your face may appear. While we may be diligent with skin care for our face, we often neglect our hands even though they are exposed to the sun and elements just as often as our faces. Proper hand care can make a difference in how people perceive you and the way you feel about yourself. Simply using a vitamin and emollient-rich hand cream a few times a day to protect the skin’s moisture barrier, can be an easy part of your daily routine that will give you noticeable results.


Cracked, painful hands can occur when skin is exposed to extreme cold and dry temperatures or when hands take a beating from harsh cleaning products and frequent washing which strips protective oils from the skin. Gloves are a must for cold weather exposure as well as for doing household chores. Treating your hands with special care will make a big improvement. Take the time to massage a thick hand cream on before bed and use heated beauty gloves occasionally to enhance the results. Paraffin hand masks which are available for at home use are also a great way to make the best of your favorite hand cream. Take a look at our line of deeply moisturizing hand creams full of soothing, botanical ingredients and vitamin-rich oils to repair cracked, excessively dry hands.

Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream Elasto-Seamolient Hand Cream

Thick and creamy for extremely dry, cracked hands. Rich in Vitamins A and E. Great for an overnight treatment with beauty gloves.

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Lentigos or liver spots as they are more commonly known, appear on the back of the hands as black and brown patches of skin that look like large freckles. They are actually areas of clumped melanin that has built up in the skin from excessive UV exposure. Even though these non-cancerous spots can appear on anyone of any age, generally they appear on older people because in addition to the cumulative sun exposure, chronological aging causes extra melanin production. Age spots are harmless and do not require medical attention although if any change in appearance of these spots occurs, seek a physician’s attention. Treatment options include bleaching creams or removal by a dermatologist with laser surgery or dermabrasion. Prevention and protection is always the best way to maintain youthful looking hands. Always use a hand cream with sunscreen when exposed to the sun, even while driving.

Fruit and Vitamin A Hand Cream Fruit and Vitamin A & D Hand Cream SPF 10

Protect and moisturize dry hands with our fruity hand cream. Contains Peanut Oil, high in antioxidant vitamin A.

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Bulging veins that appear on the backs of the hands are caused by the thinning, aging skin. Although they may appear unattractive, they are painless, harmless and completely normal. For those who want them diminished, treatment is available. Procedures used to surgically treat these veins include injecting fillers, removing the veins and laser therapy. Keeping the hands protected from the sun and keeping the nails and cuticles healthy and manicured will leave your hands with a better appearance overall. You may try a self tanning lotion to camouflage the bluish look of the veins.

Cuticle Cream Cuticle Cream

Intense moisturization and exfoliation to repair unsightly cuticles. Concentrated formula best used overnight.

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Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E

Lightweight, non-greasy formula. Rich in Vitamins A and E and moisturizing Honey.

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