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Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that can get dull or textured skin looking renewed, stat. This is an exfoliating ingredient that helps break down dead skin cells to resurface and refine the skin’s top layer.

Learn more about this ingredient:

+ What is the benefit of using glycolic acid?

You’ll notice an improvement in texture when you incorporate Glycolic Acid into your skin care routine—plus a visible reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

+ Is it okay to use glycolic acid every day?

Most skin types can benefit from using Glycolic Acid 1-3 times a week. Try not to use AHA products more than suggested; doing so may irritate skin.

+ Who should use glycolic acid?

Everyone can use Glycolic Acid, but if you have sensitive skin, try using exfoliating treatments with fruit extracts or a milder AHA like Lactic Acid instead.

+ Can you use glycolic acid with retinol?

Avoid using the two together within the same routine. Some skin types can tolerate using both Glycolic Acid and Retinol on different days within their weekly regimen, but always consult your aesthetician or dermatologist to see if it’s something your skin can tolerate.

+ Can you use vitamin c with glycolic acid?

Stagger Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid application, too. You can use both within your weekly regimen, just separately; for example, use Vitamin C during the day to maximize its antioxidant benefits and apply your Glycolic Acid skin care in the evening to reduce photosensitivity.

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