Q & A: Acne

Q. I keep breaking out on one side of my face! I’m doing everything right, so why does this keep happening?

A. Acne can be the result of a lot of different elements (as I’m sure you already know). Hormones, genetics, and other out-of-our control issues can lead to acne breakouts. But if you’ve gotten yourself on a good skin care regimen and have your acne almost under control with the exception of one area, there may be other factors at play.


I get teased a lot by my friends for insisting that they stop touching their faces. Take some time and observe how your face and hands come in contact. Are you leaning on your hand a lot? Are you touching or aggravating the existing acne and spreading bacteria in that area? Another big thing to watch out for is your phone; make sure to keep your phone as clean as possible by wiping it with an antibacterial wipe often. Two other things—make sure your hair is clean and that you change your pillowcase regularly. Finally, remember that you can treat your breakout-prone area differently than the rest of your face. Go ahead and use the Drying Mask in that one area, even if the rest of your face responds well to the Flower & Tonic Mask. You can also help prevent acne in that particular spot with an anti-acne serum containing Salicylic Acid.


Q. I have different types of acne and I’m not really sure which products I need. Help!

A. I haven’t always been a skin care specialist, so I can sympathize with the difficulty of choosing products for acne. I have two pieces of good news for you. The first is that our skin care line has a treatment product for every type of acne. The second? We’re going to walk through them right now. In addition to your cleanser, toner and moisturizer, our acne treatment products are as follows:

Whiteheads: Drying Lotion

Cystic acne: Buffering Lotion

Blackheads: Silver Powder

Small under-the-surface bumps and pimples: Drying Cream


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