Managing Acne: Tailored Solutions for Adults vs. Teens

Ah, acne - this word immediately takes us back to the tumultuous days of our angsty teenage years. Clueless, each attempt to tame it felt like it only made everything worse, and no method of cover-up could conceal the amount of frustration we felt back then. But really, acne knows no bounds when it comes to age. Whether you're a fresh-faced teen navigating the waves of adolescence or a seasoned adult dealing with unexpected breakouts, finding the right solutions to manage acne is essential. Fear not; we've curated a comprehensive guide ranging from teen to adult acne treatments, to help you conquer acne at every stage of life. 


Teen Acne: Navigating the Hormonal Storm 

Adolescence is the time for self-discovery, raging hormones, and unfortunately, pesky pimples. Managing acne as a teen can be challenging, especially when you know that products work differently on different skin types, but we’re here for you! Just remember, consistency is key.


Teen Acne Treatment

Start by incorporating a gentle yet effective cleanser into your daily routine to banish dirt and excess oil without stripping your delicate skin. We like our Gentle Foaming Cleanser for everyday use but opt for our oil-free Acne Facial Cleanser for nights when your skin feels extra congested.

Then, apply targeted treatments infused with powerhouse ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to combat acne-causing bacteria and prevent future breakouts. Our legendary “pink pimple cream” is the perfect on-the-spot solution that helps dry pimples overnight - you’d be surprised at how quickly it does that! 


Teen Acne Prevention

Say goodbye to pore-clogging culprits lurking in your skincare and makeup products. After washing away the day’s impurities with a cleanser, we recommend using a gentle toner like our Witch Hazel & Rosewater Toner to clarify your pores, while adding an extra step of hydration.

Speaking of which - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Start using lightweight moisturizers designed to nourish and protect your delicate skin, and make sure to drink enough water every day (yes we know, this is the hardest part). Nourish your skin from within with a balanced diet rich in fruits, veggies, and hydration to keep those pesky pimples at bay. 

Most importantly, stop touching your face and popping those pimples! But if you can’t control yourself,

don’t worry - grab our NEW Blemish Repairing Powder to speed up the healing process.


Adult Acne: Defying Age & Defeating Blemishes

For some, the era of acne flare-ups ends with the dawn of puberty. For others, it still haunts them in their 30s and beyond - this is completely normal! Unlike our teenage years, adulthood brings unique skincare concerns, from hormonal fluctuations to stress-induced breakouts, so treating acne in adulthood might look a little different. 


Adult Acne Treatments

In the world of adult skincare, tackling acne requires a refined approach that blends sophistication with efficacy. Begin with a gentle yet potent cleanser to whisk away impurities without compromising the skin's natural balance. Our Glycolic Foaming Cleanser contains glycolic acid to gently exfoliate and improve skin texture.

Aside from glycolic acid, be on the lookout for targeted treatments formulated with salicylic acid and retinoid. These ingredients work together to unclog your pores and diminish blemishes, while also promoting cell turnover. 


Adult Acne Prevention

Since stress is often the root cause of adult acne, we have to nip in the bud. Take the time to indulge your skin in the pampering it deserves; put on a face mask, infuse the room with aromatherapy, and go watch your favorite drama on Netflix. End your at-home facial with our Seaweed Night Cream and Rose Hips Nourishing Oil to give your skin that luxurious feel. If you are in New York though, skip the hassle and treat yourself to a spa day at our salon.

Prevention is the ultimate fountain of youth. Start incorporating antioxidant-rich products into your skincare routine, such as our Vitamin C Cream, which also contains , an alternative to retinol. However, your skin isn’t the only thing you should be paying attention to. Don’t forget to nourish your body and soul with a balanced diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, because at the end of the day, beauty starts from within!


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