MB Spotlight: Special Healing Powder

By now you know that we love nothing more than a double-duty product. Skincare that tackles more than one issue? We love it. Acne treatment that meets at a crossroads with beauty – proof that both worlds are mutually inclusive? Sold.

Here’s our little beauty tip of the day. For oilier skin types, dust a small amount of our Special Healing Powder on your T-zone. Because it’s a finely milled, sulfur-based powder, you can mix about a half a teaspoon with your loose powder - it'll help absorb excess oil to keep your complexion looking healthy and shine-free all day.

Here’s the best part: it’ll also help to calm any acne-prone areas by reducing the appearance of redness while drying up existing pimples.

… but we’re not done! A few more beauty tips – we promise – and we’ll let you go about the rest of your day. Help soothe post-shaved or post-waxed skin by dusting the powder lightly onto the skin. Also, dust back and chest breakouts with it. And you can use a Q-tip to spot treat erupted pimples and aid the healing process.

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