Treat Acne Like An Ancient Roman

You don’t have to live in Rome to care for your skin like a Roman!

The ancient Romans conquered half the known world and build the Coliseum. They're also sometimes credited with inventing lipstick. In fact, it's their attention to beauty and esthetics that interests us most, mainly because ancient Rome's advancements in the treatment of acne are still widely used today. Instances of acne have been documented across cultures, through continents, and around the globe. Affecting men, women, and children (and sometimes babies) it can be triggered by a combination of stress, hormones, and other factors. It's no surprise that about a half-billion people in America alone suffer from pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and cystic blemishes. For an effective acne treatment, it has been said that the people of Rome bathed in warm mineral and sulfur-infused baths. Located in water-rich lands, the Romans focus on bathing with soaps and cleansing was common practice.


Colloidal Sulfur, a pure and natural mineral, helps to unclog pores and clear up acne. While the Romans paid impeccable attention to cleanliness, often turning to natural ingredients like eggs, seeds, juice, horns, honey, and plants, it’s their use of sulfur that has held true and continued to help acne sufferers to this day. The following steps will help those suffering from acne keep their skin clean and cared for:

Throughout history, one thing remains the same: beauty solutions always come back to Mother Nature. As an abundant source of plants rich in vitamins, minerals, lipids, and antioxidants, it’s no wonder the beauty industry has shifted its focus to encourage a more natural way to solve many of our skin care problems. They say everything has to come full circle; the Romans would be proud.

What are some of your favorite natural skin care ingredients? Have you ever used any of the above to pamper your skin?

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