What People Are Saying: AHA Botanical Body Soap For Acne

There are few things that can affect self-esteem or body image like body acne. As always, we take a huge interest in hearing about your experiences with our products. Let’s see what some of you had to say about our AHA Botanical Body Soap for acne.

New York City’s Katie C. says: “My friend discovered this bodywash about a year ago and it has changed both our lives! I use it on my back and chest every other day in the shower, and it has cleared my breakouts completely. I never have to worry about having red bumps on my back or chest again! It’s gentle and smells amazing too.”

And… “I absolutely love this body wash,” writes Deborah D. in California. “It cleans without drying. It removes all the yucky residue from your skin and really clears up body acne!! I am thrilled with the results.”

Alana C in New York was equally excited: "I absolutely love this stuff! Not only does it smell delicious and fresh it really works clearing up acne on my back!"

And check out this review from Nicole H. in Tennessee: "I am no stranger to MB products. I've used them off and on for about a 2 years now, but recently started getting bad acne on my arms and back. I ordered thsi body wash based on the reviews and I have immediately noticed a difference. My arms are clearing up and my back is acne free..."

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