Operation Concealer: Cover Acne Blemishes The Right Way

If your skin has started vacationing in the red, hot lands of Acneville, it’s time to learn how to treat and conceal blemishes like a skincare pro. Makeup application is an art, but it’s also important to take good care of your canvas to ensure the perfect finish. In anger honor of the volcanic zit that cropped up near my left eyebrow two days ago, here are my simple steps to keep acne visibly quiet and concealed, while properly tending to your skin:

1. Keep it clean. Remember to always use clean hands and tools (brushes, sponges, towels and applicators). Bacteria breeds acne and you don’t want to introduce more bacteria to your face by using dirty fingers and beauty tools.


2. Maintain your regimen. Keep the surface of your skin fresh with cleanser and toner appropriate for your skin type. If your complexion is in need of exfoliation, opt for a product like our Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, which helps to remove dead skin cells that can cover follicles, trapping the dirt and oil that lead to breakouts. Additionally, our Special Cucumber Lotion is non-drying and non-irritating to avoid redness. Finish with eye cream, Anti-Acne Serum, oil-free moisturizer and our Drying Cream (for under the surface bumps).

3. Apply foundation. To even the appearance of your skin tone, apply an oil-free liquid-based foundation on the areas of the face that require more uniform pigment. Avoid overusing product, and blend lightly with a brush, sponge or your fingertips in areas near the jaw and hairline.

4. Conceal the blemish. Choose an oil-free concealer in an opaque shade the same color as your foundation. One of the biggest mistakes women make is choosing a color that is too light; this can actually draw more attention to the area. Using a small rounded concealer brush, dab some product on the area and pat—don’t rub—in to blend.


5. Set it in place. Take a small amount of translucent setting powder, like our Special Healing Powder, on a small eye shadow brush, and lightly tap it onto the area. Let the powder sit on the area for a minute before gently blending it in. Apply a light dusting of setting powder to the rest of the face. Finish with a spritz of refreshing hydrating mist for a naturally flawless finish. When you don’t feel the need to wear makeup, use our Buffering Lotion to help target cystic blemishes. As you apply it, repeat after me, “Die, zit!” and don’t feel the least bit guilty. Here is a guide to the best products for your type of acne.

What are your tricks for disguising blemishes?

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