Conquering Acne, Part Three: Choosing Products!

Part Three: Best Face Wash for Acne—Picking Out Your Cleanser and Other Products What skin type are you? Yes, yes we know you have acne, but what’s your specific skin type? It’s impossible to choose products based entirely on the fact that you have acne. You also need to think comprehensively about products suitable for your skin type and for your acne. You might have seen elsewhere that there are four distinctive skin types: Oily, Combination, Dry, and Sensitive. At Mario Badescu, we’re really specific about which products we recommend to our customers. After all, if you’re not using the right products, what’s the point?

Before you know which products to use, it’s important that you discover your skin type. We’ve made this process super easy by creating an online consultation form. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll be informed of the very best face wash for your acne-prone skin and other products for your specific needs. Come back next Monday- we'll be discussing what to do when you need quick results after an acne breakout.

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