How To Hide Dark Circles

Ah, dark circles. Those shadowy rings around the eyes, forever an indicator (and constant reminder) of just how little sleep we’ve gotten.

Just what are dark circles – and how do we get rid of them?

Dark circles occur when (1) blood vessels are visible through the delicate skin under the eyes, giving the appearance of a blue-purple, shadow-y cast, or (2) when hyperpigmentation leaves skin both under and (usually) on the lids a darker shade.

Though typically hereditary, studies have shown that their presence is often linked to allergies, atopic or contact dermatitis, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency, sleep deprivation, and excessive sun exposure. Dark circles become more prominent with age; as skin thins, collagen loss leaves eyes looking hollow or deeply set.


Dark circles aren’t something you can get rid of, unfortunately – but with good lifestyle habits in place, it’s entirely possible to minimize their appearance:

  1. Clock in enough beauty sleep. Bright eyes (and good skin) call for at least 7-10 hours of rest. When we’re deprived of sleep, the vessels under our eyes dilate, creating a dark tint. The thinner and paler the skin, the more prominent the blood vessels.
  1. Splash the eye area with cold water. Cucumber slices or cold spoons (stored in the fridge) work like a charm too. The instant hit of cold encourages those blood vessels to constrict, thus reducing darkness or any puffiness.
  1. Use eye cream twice daily. Eye creams are a necessity in every skin care regimen; they’re formulated specifically for the delicate under-eye area to help keep it nourished 24/7. For dark circles, we recommend choosing a formula with brightening properties. Our Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream contains Rose Hips Oil, a natural and potent source of Vitamin C.

But we get it – sometimes you just need an instant pick-me-up (although all the aforementioned tips are crucial to improving the look of dark circles). A peach or salmon color-correcting concealer can help counteract the bluish-purple shadows. Follow with a concealer that matches your skin tone over top and set with a powder. Going for an even more perfected, illuminated look? Line your waterline with a flesh-colored eye pencil for an instant, brightening effect.

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