Let's Talk: Eyebrows

eyebrowsI love getting my brows waxed. There’s nothing like having eyebrows that are shaped exactly the way you want them, is there? That being said, there’s always the stray here and there to be removed between waxings. If you’re tempted to tweeze away these hairs yourself, take a little advice from a professional:
  • Using the fingers of your free hand, be sure to pull the skin around the hair taut. This will make plucking the hair out much less painful and will reduce the chance of post-plucking irritation or bumps.
  • Only remove hairs that won’t affect the shape of your brow. In other words, concentrate on those hairs that are obviously not meant to be there and leave the rest to your waxer.
  • Invest in a new pair of tweezers if you’ve been using the same ones for years and years. You’ll know it’s time to say a fond farewell when it becomes increasingly difficult to squeeze the ends together and grasp individual hairs.
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