The Mario Badescu DIY Seaweed Facial

Marine botanicals are formulated in many of our products due to their various advantages: natural anti-inflammatory, nourishing, anti-bacterial and hydrating properties. At our salon in New York City, we offer the Herbal Seaweed Treatment, a luxurious facial that is fortified with seaweed extract. If you’re unable to swing by our salon, pamper yourself with this at-home treatment that is inspired by our Salon facial.

1. Cleanse First and foremost, wash your face with Seaweed Cleansing Soap, making sure that all traces of makeup are removed (if you are wearing any, of course).

2. Exfoliate While your skin is still a little damp, apply Almond and Honey Face Scrub in circular motions for about 30 seconds. Rinse with lukewarm water. (In case you’re wondering, this exfoliant contains Algae extract).

3. Steam To open up your pores and help deep clean them, boil a pot of water, turn the heat off and lean over the pot at a safe distance for about three minutes.

4. Mask If your skin type is dry or combination with more dryness than oiliness, try the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. If you lean toward oilier skin, try our Strawberry Tonic Mask. Both masks contain seaweed extracts. Whichever mask suits you, leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

5. Tone Using a cotton ball or wipe, swipe Seaweed Cleansing Lotion on the face and neck.

6. Treatment Apply a thin layer of Cellufirm Drops on your face and neck. This serum is formulated with two seaweed derivatives, Seamollient and Bladderwrack.

7. Moisturize Try Cellufirm Moisturizer. If you’re doing this facial at night, use the Seaweed Night Cream instead.

8. Eye Cream Using your ring finger, apply a small dab of Dermonectin Eye Cream on the orbital bone (the part that lies between the high cheek bone and under-eye area). This particular eye cream contains nourishing seaweed.

This sophisticated regimen is sure to soothe your skin…Mario style.

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