Our Music Festival Must-Haves

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Okay, we know you’re probably not camping out in a tent at Coachella, but it’s likely you are sharing a hotel room with a bunch of other people and spending a lot of time at the shows themselves. This doesn’t leave much bathroom time for fussing over your hair and makeup and, really, who wants to do that anyway? Here’s what you’ll need to look amazing, whether you want to imitate Kate Moss at Glastonbury or mimic Solange Knowles looking low-key in something super chic. And don't forget, a lot of music festivals are banning selfie-sticks, so your Insta-images are about to get a bit more close-up!

Drying Lotion (for whiteheads): You’re traveling with your friends, right? Go ahead and apply your Drying Lotion on any whiteheads, and wake up to clearer skin!

Facial Spray: Tuck this into your bag to refresh your skin and hair throughout the day. It’s also amazing for keeping skin hydrated on the plane (if you’re flying out there!).

Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30: You really need solid broad spectrum sun protection if you’re going to be outside this much.

Enzyme Cleansing Gel: Our popular cleanser will work for nearly everyone, so be sure NOT to leave this one on the bathroom counter if you want to have any left by the time you get home.

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