Post-Thanksgiving gluttony (there’s no judgment here, we’re all in the same boat!) and Black Friday madness always manages to make us feel sluggish. Our skin feels tired and in need of an entire day’s worth of detoxification and rejuvenation – a seemingly inevitable consequence. But don’t let the inescapability of the sloth keep you down. Out of bed, you! Get ready to combat the after-effects of feasting and intensive shopping so you feel even better than you felt pre-holiday season!

  • Cleanse. Cleanse well. Never underestimate the power of a refreshing cleanse and soothing toner in influencing your mood and improving how your skin looks. Look for products with aloe or chamomile for a truly calming and soothing touch. These ingredients will help reduce inflammation and return balance to the skin!
  • Exfoliate. AHA’s and Glycolic Acid will not only provide for a deep cleanse that helps decongest pores, but also acts as a gentle exfoliant that removes any buildup. Gently massage the product into your skin to reveal brighter, radiant skin. And that’s just from within!
  • Brighten. While a good exfoliant does the trick, use the opportunity to take it a step further. Products like our Whitening Mask and Vitamin C Serum are the products that take your skin from just good, to beautiful.
  • Hydrate! Hydrate your body and your skin – it’s the key to looking good, and feeling good. Drink water, make tea, indulge your body with nourishing moisturizers and lotions. Let your skin drink it in.

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