People wax poetic about the Drying Lotion; there’s hardly wrong in that. But on the wayside falls acne skincare products that deserve just as much mention as the famous little bottle of pink Calamine. Our Anti-Acne Serum is one such rising star – we love the instant gratification of an overnight “pimple eraser” as much as the next, but as you know well by now, we believe in starting with the foundation. Good skin starts with good skin care. It’s possible to skip the whole need for quick fixes if we start at the root of the problem: prevention.

In a nutshell, the Anti-Acne Serum helps prevent pimples and pore congestion. But more specifically, it’s our unique blend of ingredients in a lightweight gel that make this product a must-have for acne-sufferers: Thyme Extract’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties and Salicylic Acid work together to help dissolve dead skin cells and reduce pore clogging dirt and oil to improve the texture and appearance of your complexion.

Apply a thin layer to acne-prone areas on the skin as a nightly treatment. Let it re-balance and rehydrate your skin – and with routine use, you will see a difference in clarity of your skin.

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