Q&A: Why Are Professional Facials Important?

professional facials

There’s no doubt that we’re fans of taking skin care matters into our own hands – our DIY at-home facials and Friday night MB recipes attest to that – but there’s also no denying the importance of getting a professional facial regularly.

At the very least, getting a facial is essential to figuring out the right way you should be treating your skin. Your skin is first analyzed by a licensed aesthetician so the treatments to follow are tailored to your skin specifically. You can also use your visit to the spa as an opportunity to have an at-home skin care regimen customized for you; learn about what your skin needs; the exact regimen you should be following; and how/why each product is essential for your skin’s health.

Sure, self-education and research on your skin type is beneficial (knowledge is power, after all), but what an aesthetician is able to do – that Google can’t – is provide you with a hands on, accurate assessment and plan for your skin.

But beyond those reasons, facials are necessary for your skin’s overall health. Constant exposure to the elements, stress, and everyday buildup of dirt, oils, makeup, etc. leave skin beat up and, frankly, worse for wear. While a good skin care regimen can help maintain your skin between spa visits, it’s the professional facials that truly deep clean and rejuvenate your complexion.

Here’s how and why; professional facials…
  • … are expertly tailored to your skin type and needs. With professional grade products, tools, and expertise, your face is in good hands… literally. On top of the basics (deep clean, extractions, etc.), your complexion is given exactly what it needs, whether it be an anti-aging, anti-acne, brightening, moisture-intensive, or lifting treatment.
  • ... increase the efficacy of your products. All that deep-cleaning and exfoliation truly rids the skin of any buildup; plus, the lymphatic face massages help encourage blood and oxygen flow. Clear of congestion and now able to better deliver nutrients to the skin at the cellular level, your skin is better able to absorb everything you give it. Better absorption of ingredients means better results, in less time.
  • … truly deep clean. A professional cleanse helps rid the skin of any debris, dirt, oil, and other environmental toxins. Proper cleansing techniques combined with professional grade exfoliation and steaming help skin return to – and maintain – a healthy balance.
  • ... safely removes blackheads and whiteheads. Never attempt a DIY extraction; in your own hands, skin is left red, blotchy, irritated, and at risk of permanent scarring. Leave extractions to the professionals and you’ll see an immense improvement in the clarity, texture, and tone of your complexion.
  • …help improve cellular health. Aestheticians perform facial massages to help eliminate toxins at the cellular level while improving circulation. The result? A brighter, plumper, more youthful-looking complexion.

Because skin takes about 3-4 weeks to complete a full “life-cycle” of shedding and regenerating skin cells, skin care experts recommend scheduling a facial every month for maximum benefits.

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