The WORST Skin Advice

 1. Use lemons to remove blackheads Are you desperately trying to get rid of blackheads? Here’s one method we really hope you never try: lemon juice. The powers of lemons to reduce blackheads, lighten discoloration, and exfoliate skin are touted throughout the internet.


Silver Powder for Blackheads

People, hear us: do not believe everything you read on the internet (except for everything you read on this blog, of course!). Pure lemon juice is much too harsh to put directly on your skin; it will compromise your skin’s natural protective barrier against acne-causing bacteria and aging free radicals. Also, it will make your skin more sensitive to sun damage. For blackheads, try an oil-absorbing powder designed to naturally treat blackheads by getting to the basic cause of the problem: pores clogged with excess oil. Our Silver Powder is a favorite for reducing blackheads and soaking up excess oil.


2. Skin should feel tight and squeaky after cleansing. Squeaky skin? Not this again! Even if you have oily skin, you never want your skin to feel tight, dry, or ‘squeaky’ clean after cleansing. Instead, it should feel healthy and soft after you wash, NOT dry or tight. Here’s how to find the perfect cleanser for your skin.


Our favorite exfoliant for acne breakouts.


3. Exfoliate acne with a scrub We LOVE facial scrubs (I mean, have you seen our new Botanical Exfoliating Scrub? Amazing!), but if you’re currently experiencing an acne breakout, chill out with the scrubbing for a moment. Why? Because it will only serve to aggravate acne, exacerbate redness, and potentially tear at acne blemishes. Instead, exfoliate with a chemical exfoliant, like Glycolic Acid. We like to swap out our usual cleanser for the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser twice a week.

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