Stop Doing THIS To Your Skin: Squeezing Blackheads

Sometimes it seems like the pores on your nose are just begging to be squeezed, doesn’t it? Especially if you have really harsh lighting in your bathroom or you’re using a magnifying mirror. What do you see? Blackheads and Sebaceous Filaments (see definition, below). It’s always really tempting to try to empty all your pores in an attempt to achieve smooth, poreless, perfect skin. For one thing (as I’m sure you’ve discovered), this plan never works. Instead, your skin often ends up looks red and spotchy. Worse, you could easily damage your skin with your fingernails or by squeezing too hard, swapping a temporary problem for a permanent scar. Even when squeezing does make your skin look better, it’s a short-term solution. You’re likely to end up back at square one soon enough. It’s a slippery slope, too: you start by squeezing blackheads and, before you know it, you’ve waged full-on war with your skin, picking and squeezing everything in sight. Instead, make sure you’re taking steps to eliminate blackheads and excess oil the right way, including

  • Eliminating pore-clogging makeup and skin care products.
  • Exfoliating properly.
  • Using a product specifically meant to clear blackheads. Silver Powder>

* Sebaceous filiments are hair-like formations that help facilitate the movement of oil in the lining of the pore. This is a necessary function that helps keep your skin lubricated and protected. For those with more oily skin, sebaceous filaments will be more prominent. The oil in your pores will always return to help replenish your skin’s healthy protective barrier.

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