Skin Sin Series: Touching Your Face and Squeezing Blemishes

“Look Mom, No Hands!” These words are like music to my ears. No, I’m not talking about my son riding a bike with his hands off the handles (he can’t really ride a bike yet anyway, he’s only two). I’m talking about hands off the face! Ok, ok, I’m not your Mom either, but I do applaud those who are militant about not touching their face with the exceptions of washing it and applying makeup foundation with clean fingers.

Although I’m an esthetician, I do commit this skin sin from time to time (I know, shame on me). I am proud to say, however, that I’ve drastically improved in this area because I have huge accountability from a fellow esthetician here at Mario Badescu. If she catches me touching my face in any way shape or form—even if it is “resting” my chin on my hands—she scolds me. Since we’re on the topic, I do have a little confession to make: I’m a hopeless romantic, so I don’t mind if the man I love strokes my cheek. My esthetician friend is polar opposite—so much so that she would probably break up with a fellow who affectionately cupped her face (yes, this is the same individual who wrote a blog on “How Washing My Face Destroyed a Relationship”), surprise, surprise. Anyway, I’m here to remind each of you that touching the face and self extracting are major no-nos. If you have the occasional blemishes, leave them alone and let nature take its course (with the help of great acne products, of course; spot treatment is always a good idea). Attempting to pick or squeeze a blemish will only exacerbate the problem, so hands off!
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