The Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream for Your Skin

Mario Badescu once said: “Every man or woman over the age of twenty-one should apply an eye cream in the morning and in the evening, as part of the daily routine. There are no exceptions.” The eye area has the thinnest skin on your face; worse, it also has the fewest oil glands. This dry, thin skin tends to age quicker and many of us see the first sign of aging around the eyes. And while those lines might be a blueprint to your character—your warmth and humor—you don’t necessarily want them there! Fortunately, there’s a lot that you can do to treat and prevent aging around the eyes.

It starts with finding the very best anti aging eye cream for your specific needs. Starting early is the best defense against crow’s feet and other signs of aging near the eyes. Young women should look for a light, gel-based eye treatment. It’s important to start young with smoothing fine lines and keeping the area as hydrated as possible. Even better, a gel can be refrigerated to counteract puffiness after a long night out! Your skin gets drier with age. At some point, it’s important to switch to an eye cream with ingredients that pack a little more punch (like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, or Glycolic Acid). For seriously dry skin, you may want to try a super-moisturizing eye cream at night and switch to a lighter product during the day. Our Olive Eye Cream, for example, is super-rich for seriously dry skin. Try using this at night and switching it up in the a.m. Our recommendations?


  • Ceramide Eye Gel for women in their twenties and thirties.
  • For a whipped, moisturizing eye cream with Hyaluronic Acid, try our Hyaluronic Eye Cream
  • Those of you who are interested in using a Vitamin C eye cream should give our Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream a try (It’s a bit balmier than the Hyaluronic Eye Cream).
  • Glycolic Eye Cream is a serious product for those with very mature skin that is already showing obvious signs of aging. Use this at night for repair and switch to a different eye cream in the morning (glycolic acid can cause sensitivity to the sun!).
  • Is extreme dryness your problem? Again, check out the Olive Eye Cream.
Tell us, how do you decide which is the best anti-aging eye cream for your skin? Which is your favorite eye cream from Mario Badescu?
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