We all have those days - you know, the ones where that dreaded, little spot decides to creep up unexpectedly when we least need another thing to worry about.

That's where the Emergency Skincare Arsenal comes into play: a kit everyone needs to have handy, whether it be safely stashed away in a handbag or stowed under office supplies at your work desk. Better to be safe than sorry, so the saying goes, and we needn't get another blemish stressing over one.

Our tip? We always keep a jar of the Drying Cream. On hand, at all times. Concealer's nice and all, but we're all about killing two birds with one stone. If you feel a blemish in the making, dab a bit of the cream on the spot and blend it into the skin. It's a treatment that conceals while drying out those pesky little pimples on the surface or right below...

The best part? No one will ever know it was there!

What emergency skincare fixes do you always keep on hand?


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